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Your teams have shifted to new ways of working and serving customers during the COVID crisis. The insights they’ve gained, the processes they’ve developed, and the opportunities they’ve spotted are important to future success. 

Capture the innovation and insights your teams have generated and capitalise on it to help your company adapt and succeed—quickly and for free. 

Our Benchmark Assessment can help you find out what’s working, what’s not, and where opportunity awaits. It’s available to you free, no strings attached.

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“Engagement Multiplier gives us the insights we never would have had otherwise.” 

Engagement Multiplier clears the path for shared insights, shared accountability and improved productivity. The way we work is evolving; we can help your teams get ahead of it.

Get a report that assesses how your teams are doing, and makes it easier for them to continually transform their talents in ways that thrill your clients and innovate your offering.

Benchmark Assessment

Emerge Stronger survey 

A survey module in our Benchmark Assessment was developed specifically in response to the COVID crisis to capture insights from the last several months of change. 

Insights and action plans

Once it’s clear where to focus, the platform provides your teams with the tools they need to take action.

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Now is the time to start your Benchmark Assessment to emerge stronger.

- Amy Bruske, president, Kolbe Corp.