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Engagement Multiplier clears the path for shared insights, shared accountability and improved productivity. The way we work is evolving; we can help your teams get ahead of it.

Survey your team and get a report that clearly shows where your organisation stands: which teams are aligned and engaged, which teams need some help, and where you have Perception Gaps.

Benchmark Assessment

The Leadership Perception Gap 

A survey module in the Benchmark Assessment will reveal whether or not your organisation has a Leadership Perception Gap between the company’s leaders and their teams.

Insights & Action Plans

The reports are yours to keep, and are accompanied by a comprehensive guide to help you identify and take needed actions to improve employee engagement, productivity, and company performance.

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You Think Your Leadership 
Team is Skilled & Effective.

The Leadership Perception Gap is the difference between the perception your executives have of the effectiveness of their organisation’s leaders, and the perception of their employees.

If the answer is no, your company has a Leadership Perception Gap.

Do Your Employees Agree?

How can a Leadership Perception Gap impact your company?

Execution of strategy is slowed

Change is less likely to stick

Employees become less engaged

Find out FREE if your company has a Leadership Perception Gap - quickly and at no cost - with our easy to use employee survey. Understand where your team is aligned, where divides exist, and the steps you can take to bridge the gaps and improve team performance.