Help your team thrive in the 
new normal

This is a time of extraordinary change and uncertainty for small businesses—and their employees.
That’s why Engagement Multiplier has created a new tool to help business leaders quickly understand
how their teams are adjusting to working remotely, and what adjustments need to be made to help employees stay connected and productive. 

You’re resilient. Make proactive changes to strengthen your business todayand for the future. 

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Help your team thrive
in the new normal 

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Set up your account, and upload your employee details (just names and email addresses). 


The survey is ready to go as-is, however, you can also tailor the questions to better suit your specific business, and you can launch the survey at your convenience.

Preview and update



Gain understanding

See aggregated scores and feedback and quickly understand which areas of the business need attention and actions you can take to have swift positive impact. 


Prepare to act

Communicate the results and your next steps to your team, and get additional clarity with anonymous, two-way communication via the platform.

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You’ll also have access to additional surveys to help you adjust when you bring people back, as well as our Benchmark Assessment, to win the new normal, however that may evolve. 

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